Rampage 2018 a Big, Dumb Monster Movie

For film makers, creating movies to entertain viewers may not be that easy, yet they are still hopeful that all their works would become a box office hit. And so this happens to the new movie Rampage 2018 which was supposed to be released on the 20th of April this year but was re-scheduled earlier (April 13) to avoid any competition with Avengers: Infinity War which will be released on the 25th of April. Of course people who have been waiting for their favorite must continue to wait until they will be released finally. People can have different taste with movies they want to view but movie makers who invested lots of money want their investment back with profits.

Basically, some movie makers would think that their movie can make so much in the first week of release unless their film is really that great and sought after. And because of that, Rampage got its great place on the movie theater considering it has no competition. Nonetheless for those who haven’t seen the movie yet, you will not be able appreciate the awesomeness of the scenes unless you will be able to watch the whole movie. We should not just stick and rely on the movie trailer since there’s more to watch about the actors, the genre, the plot, and the feedback from the viewers.

Rampage 2018 is all about a man named Davis Okoye and his friend Gorilla named George. After an intentionally created accident in the space laboratory, a genetic editing serum falls towards the Earth and was affecting the physical size of the Gorilla. However, not just the Gorilla but a Wolf and a Crocodile was also affected. This genetic editing serum somehow affecting only those Alpha male wild life and it seems they are manipulated because they have the same direction. When George (which Okoye taking care since it was a baby) cannot be contained anymore, it creates lots of damage on the city. Destroying many structure in the city and he can no longer recognize Okoye’s call. As the gorilla continues doing rampage, somehow another Alpha Wolf has arrive and it’s doing the same damage in the city. It seems that the more these animals are expose to explosion, stress, and fear, the more they become more aggressive.

If you look at it the movie, it may appear like it is not related to Geostorm but the concept is familiar. Maybe there are some kinds of political agenda behind the accident happens in the space lab and Chicago is the target. This also happens in Geostorm which starred Gerald Butler. In the movie, a very helpful satellite system and a high technology device are used to destroy any abnormalities in the climate such as level 5 hurricanes, heat storm, desert storm and any other catastrophic –causing climate.


However for the Rampage movie, it is very unpredictable and must put the pieces together to find solution to cure the animals and to save the city from being destroyed by the infected wild life.
Just before the movie trailer ends, Davis Okoye cracking some jokes as he was about to fly a helicopter while his genetic engineer was frightened. While the helicopter was flying, they saw another Alpha Crocodile as big as the bridge roaring. Okoye must find the solution to cure or to stop these infected animals to save his friend and the city.

On the other hand, Ready Player One which was released few weeks ago can now have a competition with Rampage. However, the decision on which movie to watch may differ from viewers.

If you have been following Dwayne Johnson movies, then surely you will enjoy the movie Rampage. If you are looking for movies that always let the protagonist exposed him to danger and looking for clues in order to solve impeding chaos and destruction, then this is the right movie for you. You can also check out my site to watch HD quality Rampage 2018 for rampage film vf streaming.


As far as I am a big fan of the Rock  I can see and read so many  negative comments from this movie, I cannot blame them its their rights to voice out  what they  think of the movie, Beside they are paying some money  in the cinema.