What is so Negative about Negative Gems in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale being one of the highest grossing free-to-play games in the world has this so called IAP. IAP or the so called In-app purchase are commodities in the game that can only be obtain using real money. Paying this in-game currency can be paid in many ways. When you are an Android user — you use either of the following — a credit card, google wallet, google play gift cards or paypal. The reason behind such purchase is to get ahead of anyone else as far as resources is concern. This will help you upgrade your in game stuffs like cards, characters, and all those things that the game has to offer.
However, as the big company SuperCell released an update to their Clash Royale, there are been enormous reports that several users are having negative gems in their account. The question is how? The answer is pretty simple. What transpires is that the user buy gems in the Playstore / Apple Store and then spend all these gems as anyone would normally do. After doing such act, they will ask Google to refund for their gems. As advanced as Google can be, this company can be gullible at times — and they give refunds from those people. But the thing is that Google is also wise enough to take those gems which they bought earlier. Thus, the negative gems becomes apparent.
Now, if you are playing Clash Royale, you might be asking — How to be avoid such Negative Gems in your account? The answer is not rocket science. If you buy gems using Google Play, then do not ask for refund. You can only do so, if and only if, you did not spend anything from your purchase. As simple as that. It is a give and take situation. You get what you pay for, and they get what you did not pay for.
Another question, is how can you negate Negative gems or reverse it? The answer is simple again. Simply buy the amount of gems that is reflected as negative in your account. And this is the only way of reversing such thing from happening. Just like what I have mentioned above, you get what you pay for and you they will take away what did not pay, otherwise.
But here is the thing. You can still reverse the negative gems effect in Clash Royale without literally having to spend for it — that is if you have gift cards. Another option is installing apps that can give you incentives in return. One of which is


The Cons of Having Negative Gems
Number 1, you can open your chest anymore. Yes, you heard it right. Once you have negative gems — then opening chest is not anymore possible. Of course, this can reversed but you have to undergo some processes. But at the end of the day, the game is not really about gems and using money buying it. It is about skills. Skills pay the bills. Another thing is that your friends will also think that you are a cheater in some way because you did try to cheat on Google, how much, your opponents in your battle.

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