Is Clash Royale worth playing?

Justice. Death. The Fool? If you’re playing the new Clash Royale game for the Clash Royale these three are just a sample of the eight characters you have to choose from in your quest for the magic drop that will make your wish come true. A creative twist on logic based drop games such as Tetris, Clash Royale provides hours of entertainment for all ages. There are three modes to choose from in Magical Drop. Players get to pick from Story, Self-Challenge, and, because the game is linkable to another Clash Royale, Friend Challenge.

Play is fairly simple and takes only a few minutes to get used to. Your Jester catches the drops (colored balls) that hang from the top of the screen when the A button is pressed and returns them with a press of the B button. The joystick is used to move the Jester left and right. After catching a drop, move to the left of right and align your Jester with a drop of the same color. You can either catch this drop as well or release all the drops you are holding. When three or more drops of the same color are aligned they will disappear. It should be noted that although you can release the drops you are holding regardless of the color that is above the Jester, you can only catch drops of the same color, in other words if you’re holding a green drop you can release it onto a yellow drop but only catch another of the green variety. If all the drops are removed from the screen you can press the joystick down to bring more drops onto the screen.

There are four normal types of drops; yellow, purple, pink, and green. These are removed by aligning three or more of matching colors. Special drops look similar to the normal variety but are darker in appearance. When three or more drops of the same color including the special drop are put together all the drops of that color will be removed from the screen. Other types of drops include Ice drops, Rainbow drops, and Bubble drops, each with its own unique properties.

In addition to different kinds of drops acting differently, the characters in Magical Drop also have strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Justice is most powerful when making concentrated attacks on the middle of the screen while Hi-Priestess is better for combining links rather than aiming for post-links. Both Cutie and Hi-Eropant are geared toward beginners. All of the characters are cute and have changing expressions depending on whether they are winning or losing.

For all of its good points, Clash Royale Hack for gems has its share of bad spots as well. One relatively minor one is that the story mode doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. No matter what character you pick there seems to be little meaning behind the conversations you have with those you fight. A more annoying occurrence is that while moving the Jester around the screen the joystick is often pressed down by accident. This has the agrivating tendency of bringing the drops closer to the bottom of the screen and, because the game is over if a drop passes below the point where the Jester stands, can easily cause the loss of the game if you’re not careful. Also, some parts of the game are not explained well in the booklet that comes along with it. Lastly, after one becomes familiar with the rules of the game it becomes a bit too easy to beat. The higher difficulty settings do reclaim some of the challenge of the game but the replay value is not as strong as it could be.