Is Clash Royale worth playing?

Justice. Death. The Fool? If you’re playing the new Clash Royale game for the Clash Royale these three are just a sample of the eight characters you have to choose from in your quest for the magic drop that will make your wish come true. A creative twist on logic based drop games such as Tetris, Clash Royale provides hours of entertainment for all ages. There are three modes to choose from in Magical Drop. Players get to pick from Story, Self-Challenge, and, because the game is linkable to another Clash Royale, Friend Challenge.

Play is fairly simple and takes only a few minutes to get used to. Your Jester catches the drops (colored balls) that hang from the top of the screen when the A button is pressed and returns them with a press of the B button. The joystick is used to move the Jester left and right. After catching a drop, move to the left of right and align your Jester with a drop of the same color. You can either catch this drop as well or release all the drops you are holding. When three or more drops of the same color are aligned they will disappear. It should be noted that although you can release the drops you are holding regardless of the color that is above the Jester, you can only catch drops of the same color, in other words if you’re holding a green drop you can release it onto a yellow drop but only catch another of the green variety. If all the drops are removed from the screen you can press the joystick down to bring more drops onto the screen.

There are four normal types of drops; yellow, purple, pink, and green. These are removed by aligning three or more of matching colors. Special drops look similar to the normal variety but are darker in appearance. When three or more drops of the same color including the special drop are put together all the drops of that color will be removed from the screen. Other types of drops include Ice drops, Rainbow drops, and Bubble drops, each with its own unique properties.

In addition to different kinds of drops acting differently, the characters in Magical Drop also have strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Justice is most powerful when making concentrated attacks on the middle of the screen while Hi-Priestess is better for combining links rather than aiming for post-links. Both Cutie and Hi-Eropant are geared toward beginners. All of the characters are cute and have changing expressions depending on whether they are winning or losing.

For all of its good points, Clash Royale Hack for gems has its share of bad spots as well. One relatively minor one is that the story mode doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. No matter what character you pick there seems to be little meaning behind the conversations you have with those you fight. A more annoying occurrence is that while moving the Jester around the screen the joystick is often pressed down by accident. This has the agrivating tendency of bringing the drops closer to the bottom of the screen and, because the game is over if a drop passes below the point where the Jester stands, can easily cause the loss of the game if you’re not careful. Also, some parts of the game are not explained well in the booklet that comes along with it. Lastly, after one becomes familiar with the rules of the game it becomes a bit too easy to beat. The higher difficulty settings do reclaim some of the challenge of the game but the replay value is not as strong as it could be.

The Goodness of RTS Displayed in Boom Beach

Yes folks, as unbelievable as it may seem, those dev hacks over at SuperCell have finally managed to pump out an update to Boom Beach. Avoiding their usual formula of new levels for an old and inferior title, the developers of the game have refined and significantly improved the original’s flawed gameplay. In the process they have seemingly achieved the impossible, transforming what could have been SuperCell’s umpteenth plastic-scented game into an attractive, rather addictive little title.

It immediately becomes apparent that the developers have extensively overhauled the original Boom Beach’s mission-based gameplay, bolstering the game’s intensity and difficulty level to produce a far superior hunk of action. Taking on the role of a wisecracking green army ace, gamers must maneuver their plastic attack chopper across a variety of enemy-packed landscapes, detonating ground targets and sending tan choppers plummeting from the sky in grand arcade shooter tradition.

In an RTS-style game such as this one, tight control is of premium importance — fortunately, Boom Beach passes this test with flying colors. From standard circle strafe attacks to complex bombing runs, players will find their rotary-blade charges more than capable of handling themselves on the battlefield. A handy strategic feature further raises the ease of use, allowing players to maintain a decent body count even while vainly struggling to dodge the ubiquitous enemy flak.

Adding much to the gameplay is the nifty auto-winch device, which allows the player to hoist up a variety of unfeasibly large items for the sole purpose of squashing unsuspecting enemy platoons flatter than a pancake. Not only is accurate winch use an important survival strategy, it’s also one hell of a lot of fun — nothing beats sending those tan bastards packing with only an oversize baseball mitt and the occasional carefully aimed lawn chair.

It is immediately apparent that Boom Beach is a marked visual improvement over its chug-a-thon competitions, maintaining a relatively smooth framerate even as the game screen explodes with horde upon horde of pyrotechnically charged enemy units. From the whimsical menu screens all the way down to the intricate plastic units, Boom Beach’s world has been rendered with more than enough loving detail to fully capture the inherent charm missing from its sandbox predecessors.

The whimsical environments are particularly attractive, oscillating between harsh archipelago battlefields and the picket-fence idyll of modern-day suburbia. Each of the levels is packed to the hilt with animation and activity, featuring everything from deadly lawn sprinklers to tiny plastic regiments locked in the heat of battle — it really does give the impression that there’s a war going on.

While they are few and far between, the majority of Boom Beach’s cutscenes are rendered with a pleasing sense of style and whimsy, imbuing the adventures of our plastic chopper-jockey hero with a nicely tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Indeed, it’s worth watching these extended story scenes purely for the eviler-than-thou machinations of the legendary Dr. Terror, tan fighter ace and sworn enemy of all things green. While the game’s simplistic nature and high level of difficulty ensure that its appeal soon begins to wane, Boom Beach remains one of the more enjoyably frenetic arcade experiences currently available. Never thought we’d have to say it, but this latest SuperCell title is really pretty darn good.