The Top Hidden Secrets for PS4 Gamers

PS4 hacks and tricks you probably didn’t know from hidden convenience tricks to software and physical hardware hacks we’ve got all kinds of ps4 users cover here we designed this list for you guys to get the maximum you sign of your PlayStation 4 so let’s get started with.

1.I am going to start off with one that might seem like a no-brainer for the hardcore crab but a lot of people don’t realize this are you a playstation plus member well here’s our advice all those free playstation plus games stockpile them yes if you just own a ps4 and playstation plus you can download the free games every month what a lot of people don’t realize if you log into your sony account on the PSM website you have access to all the free playstation plus games those are the playstation plus games on Vita and ps3 and PS board so really you should stockpiling you got nothing to lose and once you download and claim them you own them forever on your library even when the free on PlayStation Plus promotion expires you’re still going to be able to own those games and play them whenever you want and its really great if you’re looking towards the future see a bunch of free playstation vita games but you don’t own a video yet will download them all anyway stockpiling and saving for the winter because then if you finally save up and buy yourself a shiny new playstation vita you got a pile of games already waiting for you digitally at.

2. A little known fact in the software menu settings is the fact that if you want to take a video clip or screenshot without navigating to the actual share menu and slowing things down you can simply tap the share button twice and it’ll start capturing video or you can go into the share settings and change the share button control type for easy screenshots so then automatically a screenshot only takes a tap of the share button if your social gamer i highly recommend changing the share button to press and hold to bring up the actual share menu you want to be able to quickly and easily capture screenshots to show your friends and this is the best way it might sound like a basic settings change but this makes things incredibly simple and much easier for a user ID.

3.Did you know you could use a playstation vita as an extra DualShock controller for the ps4 well now you know yet a visa has a lot of tricks that work with the playstation 4 like second screen and all that jazz but if you’re in a bind and you have somebody else that wants to play couch co-op with you and you don’t have an extra dualshock 4 controller because you’re so damn expensive user read it a lot of you guys probably know that you can use Remote Play to beam the game that’s playing on the ps4 onto the playstation vita the only problem with that is that you have to use the same PSN account on the Vita as the PlayStation 4 however that can be easily surpassed by using remote flight and then take over the session and then with the controller you sign in as a guest or another profile and then boom there you go you and a friend can play co-op on playstation 4 sure the video controller takes a little getting used to but you’ll figure it out hey it’s a cheap easy and quick solution at.

4.If you want to feel really cool like Tony Stark and talk to your game console but you don’t have an xbox one or you just can’t be bothered with the kinect well you can actually use voice commands through the headset mic that comes with the PlayStation 4 yes the playstation 4 does have voice commands that work with the PlayStation camera that being said not a lot of people but the PlayStation camera so you can use voice controls through the included headset there’s a tiny little microphone tucked away on the volume slider on the little headset so when it’s plugged into the controller and when you enable voice controls in the PlayStation settings all you have to do is say playstation followed by any command commands are pretty basic but they do work fairly decently you can see the name of a game start game open up music unlimited access your library bring up the internet browser it’s pretty nifty and it works i’d say eighty five percent of the time which is pretty good for voice control it’s a small little known feature that might make your gaming life a little bit easier.

5.We have that PlayStation have available for iOS and Android use that to your advantage because there’s a lot of features on it that can really help you out all they have is still pretty buggy sometimes a lot of things you can do with it that will make your life a hell of a lot easier is there a game that’s on flash sale but you’re nowhere near your PlayStation 4 well look it up on the app and purchase it right there the coolest part is if you want it to be ready when you come home from work or something you can link your ps4 up with the app and as long as your playstation 4 is on standby and connected to Wi-Fi you’ll be able to wake it up from the app and start downloading games not only that but if you’re sending your friend party shot invites or messages or even in game chat you can use the PlayStation as a keyboard to type on your screen on playstation 4 and it makes things a hell of a lot easier and it makes typing much quicker because it feels like texting.